Re: Sangean DT400W dealer shop in Houston TX?

Horacio Nigro <hanigrodx@...>

This is a case of no online shopping, but direct on shop purchase. I see there are Radio Shack outlets in Houston-TX that may be selling it.

Horacio A. Nigro

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Hi Horacio,

I don't know if this helps you... .

Last month I bought a DT210V as a gift for a friend of mine. I bought it from eBay seller nu_image_corp. It was received quickly, and I was able to track the parcel using USPS and Brazilian Postal services. Nu_image_corp has a very reasonable shipping fee. So, I can recommend nu_image_corp' s work.

I've just check his store and it has a DT400W:

http://cgi.ebay. com/Sangean- DT-400W-Personal -Pocket-AM- FM-Weather_ W0QQitemZ2503958 37010QQcmdZViewI temQQptZWeather_ Devices?hash= item250395837010&_trksid=p3286. m20.l1116

or search for eBay using code "250395837010" (without the quotes)



Horacio Nigro wrote, On 04/04/2009 15:21:

A friend wants to buy the DT400W, a friend of him going to Houston TX in the near future. Is there any shop there to buy it?
Thanks for help.

Horacio A. Nigro

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