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Nick Hall-Patch

Have you had any luck with Turkey on 954, Paul?   That's made it into Victoria a couple of times.

Although 1215 is the "early warning" here, once things deepened a bit last season, Romania and Spain did reasonably well at times, as did the Egyptian on 864.  In midwinter,  Iran was possible with some effort, and on Iran's best nights, British stations weren't as noticeable, a bit more like what you've been finding in Alaska, perhaps.


At 19:16 2021-08-25, Paul B. Walker, Jr. wrote:

There's not a ton of similarity but some of TP/TA DX between me and the guys in western canada and some similarity between them and the east coast... and very little if any commonality between me and the east coast.  DXing in Alaska is a whole different world   My thoughts were shared here recently:

Even the guys in Vancouver/Victoria and other parts of western Canada get some smatterings of Absolute 1215khz and I know it's pretty common on the east coast.. at night. I've heard it a few very scant times, very weakly.

My most common on 1053 isn't Talk Sport but .. Romania. .and it has to fight with the 3rd harmonic of my local airport beacon, running 1kw on 350khz from 2 miles away. You can hear Romania quite clearly in this clip..... with the VTR beacon underneath and a whine for someone off frequency.

My most common 1089 is Talk Sport and its not that common, because it has to fight with XEPRS Tee-huh-wanna before sunrise. One day Talk Sport 1089 was bombing in like a local for 15 minutes. Audio:

I've heard romania on 1179khz a few times as well. 

Two of my surprising semi regulars were Iran on 1026 and turkey, with awful audio, on 1062khz.

One of my surprises was the 20kw Radio Dechovka from the Czech Republic on 1233. Kinda weak and noisy but good on fade ups here:


Nick Hall-Patch
Victoria, BC

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