Re: Counterpoise question



A counterpoise some distance from the house will help close to  its natural frequency.
It can, however, be tuned like an "earth tuner" to cover a wide band of frequencies.
This may or may not help, as it might "attract" noise from nearby appliances.

Also, it will introduce imbalance as the telescopic antenna would remain "untuned".

Look for "earth tuner" on the dreaded web and experiment!

The best solution  remains the FSL optio reception  for medium-wave
and a tuned frame-aerial for shortwave.+

Michael UK

On 25/08/2021 12:51, Jock Elliott wrote:
A technician at CCrane suggested that, if I wanted to squeeze more performance out of my Skywave SSB on the HF bands, I might consider attaching a counterpoise to the mini (or micro, not sure) USB port on the side of the radio. Buy a mini-USB cable and pull the center pin out of it, he said, and you are now grounded to the chassis of the radio.

Question: how long should the countpoise be? As long as the whip antenna? As long as any antenna attached to the whip?

Apologies in advance: my knowledge of antenna theory is so limited that "zero knowledge" would be an upgrade for me.

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