Re: WRX 911 alignment


birthday candle also worked very well for me and quick to do, 1 or 2 drips is plenty.

i also found on the srf59, in removing the wax, i scraped away the easy stuff. i then used a hair dryer set on low heat, keeping it 5-6" or more away from the radio. this softens the wax and with an old toothbrush one can easily brush away any wax and move the coil. once the coil moves you can remove the heat and the coil should remain loose if you move it again. also any additional wax easily comes right off with additional brushing.

ONE NEEDS TO TAKE CARE SO AS NOT TO OVERHEAT ANYTHING! i think i could have eliminated the mechanical scraping.


I'm going to tackle an alignment on my new radio. My question? What's the preferred method to resecure the coil after the wax is scraped away. Tape, glue, wax ? Want to make sure I can easily do over if needed.

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