My Super-Ultralight AM DX'ing Quest

Johnny <jlochey@...>

Hi all,

I have recently embarked on a "side" Ultralight DX'ing endeavor.  What I call my "Super-Ultralight AM DX'ing Quest".

I have acquired an Analog Retekess PR15 AM/FM, ultralight-ultralight radio and am starting to do some AM DX'ing with it.

I am impressed with its overall AM performance given its super tiny size.  It measures 0.67" x 2.12" (17mm x 53mm). 

So far last night I counted 33 AM stations on its tiny 1.2" (30mm) radio dial.  I have yet to fully identify these stations, but that many stations on the dial does tell me that the radio has some promise.

So this Ultralight "Quest" is to use this $11 USD, tiny, stripped down, analog AM/FM radio, in a barebones mode, to see what I can DX with it.

Right now my goals are not lofty.  I'm am shooting for 10 US States heard and identified.  Then we can go from there.  :)

I thought that using this little radio would be a fun "side-Quest" to my normal DXing hobby.

It's only $11 on Amazon if anyone wants to join me on my illustrious "Quest"!  ;)  LOL!



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