Re: WRX 911 alignment

Gary DeBock

Hi Jeff and Kevin,
In my own alignments, I use a small spot of woodworking glue to secure the coil form, on one end only (just enough to make sure that the form will not move). This spot of glue can easily be removed, if necessary, simply by breaking it off with a small screwdriver.
The WRX911 and other inexpensive Tecsun analog units have a multi-coil loopstick design in which the coil form peaks the 600 kHz weak signal rather sharply when the optimum position is found. This means that alignment is very important for best low-band performance, and it also means that a Slider transplant would have good potential for boosting AM sensitivity (if and when there is time to try it :>)
73, Gary 
In a message dated 4/4/2009 8:32:38 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, satya@... writes:

Hey Jeff:

Tape works, but this last time I took a leftover birthday candle and
dripped a couple drops of wax on each end. Both tape and a couple drops
of wax are easily undone. I think I prefer the wax, in that tape might
start to come off over time.

Gary - insights/thoughts???

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

> I'm going to tackle an alignment on my new radio. My question? What's
> the preferred method to resecure the coil after the wax is scraped
> away. Tape, glue, wax ? Want to make sure I can easily do over if
> needed.
> Jeff

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