Re: File /Guide to Airband Radio Listening .pdf uploaded #file-notice

Jock Elliott


Excellent guide!

I don't know if you want to get into this level of detail, but some ultralights have the capacity to "scan and store" AIR frequencies, so that they can can scan the air band and store the active frequencies that are discovered. Obviously this is not a perfect system for discovering active air frequencies, since -- except for ATIS -- they are intermittent, but it is still a useful tool The CCrane Skywave SSB does this with ATS system (automatic tuning system). Further, if you press the UP and DOWN arrows at the same time on the Skywave SSB in the AIR band, the radio will scan memories 1-0 on page 1 of the AIR memories. (The Skywave SSB has 400 memories, 100 for each band: AM, FM, AIR, SW.) I don't know if other ultralights can do this.

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