Re: Interesting FM Reception - Your thoughts?

Peter Laws

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Hi Peter,

Regarding the "Dead Man Walking" statement...

I'm surprised at this statement as my FM dial has NEVER been busier in my lifetime... There are literally no free frequencies along the whole dial.

Somebody MUST be listening?

(I am assuming you are in the USA)

The FCC has given an FM translator to pretty much any AM station that
asks (not quite, but close). The industry has failed to make good use
of and promote HDRadio technology and has put many of the HDRadio
channels on their main FM signal on FM translators. This is why your
dial is full.

Here in the OKC market, it is not so full, but I'd be curious to hear
what you would find if you made a log of every FM station in your area
and then grouped them by programming. How many of those separate
signals are playing the same stuff (talk, music, whatever). I have at
least three stations on my dial that all play the same NPR programming
and a 4th that carries their new, for example.

It's all very sad.

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