Re: Ultralight Radio with Youloop

Grant Porter

I was watching this a day or so ago where Kevin was building his own youloop as well as trying out one of the  knockoffs. There's some comments from the designer of the youloop in the comments (if you dare to wade through YouTube comments):

prog' :  @Kevin Loughin  Here's a small list: The transmission line can de-tune the loop if too long - the original one must be used, The bandwidth and insertion loss of the transformer can deteriorate the SNR, The capacitance between the core and the shield of the cables must be accurate because it's used to tune the loop, If using an old HF+ the part marked R3 must be shorted, If a short transmission line is not possible, a preamp should be added after the Tee component - preferably a single-ended High Z preamp.\
@Kevin Loughin  No, it's not narrow band, and it's not Low Z. Check this video to understand the difference: So, this antenna was designed specifically for the HF+ Discovery. Any radio capable of MDS below -140 dBm would work, but there aren't that many. The Discovery knows how to "tune it" because it has the circuitry for it. Other radios may not be suitable. And btw, we supply a 2m RG402 coax with the genuine build. The Chinese don't necessarily know why and they replaced it with whatever they had in hand that is cheaper than RG402. I believe you were a collateral victim of this negligence. For the theory of operation, you can check the archives of our mailing list. Things started in 2017.
Sounds like it might not be the best match for most portables without some fiddling.

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