Log Book Entry #117

franktowntrain <jleonard@...>

Now I know that there many members of this site with many more logs than 117 but I'm just a little bit proud of 117. I got up early this AM and had a quick look at the paper and then sat down and picked up the DT400W and tuned to 640 and heard the familiar CFMJ from the Toronto area transmitting @50k watts, but underneath I just barely made out a woman's voice with a British accent, I turned the the DT400 and nulled CFMJ just a little, then I grabbed the crate loop and tuned the freq. It was the BBC World Service being relayed from WOI in Ames Iowa at all of 1000 watts at that time of the day, I confirmed their programming sched on their website, BBC from 12:00AM till 6:00AM. Ames is 1452Km from my listening post in Smith Falls, On.
This is the stuff that makes DXing such a rewarding hobby, at least for me, my wife doesn't know what the heck I'm talking about.

Jack Leonard
Smiths Falls, On

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