585-2WEB (Outback Radio) at 7,672 miles (12,347 km)

Gary DeBock

Ultralight group member David Sharp is the Breakfast Show announcer on 585-2WEB, a 10 kW station in Bourke, Australia. He shocked me about 10 years ago when I complained on the Ultralight list about the "dumb Australian rock station on 585 kHz that never ID's," sending me an e-QSL after matching my rock music MP3 recording with his song log.

David would have enjoyed listening to 2WEB's rocking signal across 12,347 km of ocean at the Rockwork 4 cliff on Thursday, August 5th, complete with a female-voiced ID and two S9 peaks during pop songs. Rock on, Dave!

585-2WEB   Apparent lottery numbers and female-voiced ID at 1306 on 8-5  https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/146jmuf608gfyholig7slsyrjfeggics

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" somewhat above 7RN and the domestic splatter at 1240 on 8-5  https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/1vcbgvcmeerluiw2b8c809oz9vd8dat7

"Tears of a Clown" hitting a nice peak at 1325 on 8-5  https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/znqfd1fc7wmz4ajhf93jkhjjwir4hiaf

Gary DeBock (DXing at the Rockwork 4 ocean cliff near Manzanita, OR, USA)
7.5" loopstick CC Skywave  Ultralight + 8" (20cm) FSL antenna

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