Re: 2021 Ultralight Radio Shootout Review Ready for Download



It's funny that you mention the Satellit 800 and E1 because they are top performers and the E1 was a breakthrough in some ways, as a portable with Sync which worked (very well) in three modes (Upper, Lower and Dual Sideband), plus Passband tuning and variable AGC timing. I have no other portables with all these features so although I wish they hadn't had the problems, when you got a good one (as most were) you have something really special. I still have my Sat 800 and two E1's and although I had to remove the sticky mess on my E1's I would never part with them.

Also consider that more often than not these problems are blown out of proportion on the internet. Think about the Sony 2010. It's an excellent radio but you can read for days about issues they were susceptible to. It is unfortunate it had these issues but the 2010 still stands as a great radio.

But to get to your point, I don't think the PL-330 is liable to be problematic because of its features which are all part of a DSP chip...these features are there to be enabled or not enabled by the designers and you could disable them and not materially affect the reliability of the radio.


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