Re: Ultralight Radio with Youloop

Mike Wolfson <nwhkr319@...>

Thanks for the feedback.  I had one for awhile and tried it on my SDR and was not impressed.  Ended up returning it.  

Have seen some recent chatter about the antenna and got curious about the experience of other users.  

Consensus seems to be similar to your experience.  An amplifier is needed for decent results, but that defeats the benefits of a passive antenna.  Size still matters.



On Thu, Aug 12, 2021, 5:38 AM mediumwavedx <desertbilly@...> wrote:
Hi Mike,
Excellent question and something I hadn't tried with an ultralight.
I inductively coupled my Youloop to my R-108 this morning. The standard 1 meter Youloop diameter shows about a 3 dB gain over the stock internal ferrite bar on 1 KW WGVA in Geneva, NY on 1240 KHz, so it shows promise.
It's possible to approximately double the size of the Youloop using the 6 ft. feed coax that comes with it, by joining the two 3 ft. lengths of coax together with a coupling and using them as one half and the 6 ft. section as the other half of the loop. Doing so resulted in about a 6 dB gain on the same station (over the internal ferrite bar).
Better results should be had with a little amplification using a preamp.
I was surprised seeing any gain at all. These small single turned coaxial loops don't output much signal.

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