Re: ULDXIndex - A Suggestion

Paul S. in CT

I have had for many years used a combination of distance and power making a 'points' system. It does not take into account the subjective nature of poor, weak, average, good, or excellant. Sometimes receivong anything readable is good. And sometimes a high-power station might be received poorly/weakly, or just average. So here's the formula...

(Log(500,000)/Log(Power)) squared times the distance (km)

As option take the square root of the values and multiply by the points answer above...

poor = 1 (1.000), weak = 2 (1.414), average = 3 (1.732), good = 4 (2.000), and excellant = 5 (2.236).

Just a suggestion to try out. I think you will find that low power aand high distance to be 'real DX'.

Paul S. in CT FN31nl

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