Re: ULDXIndex - A Suggestion


Sorry if I have missed it but what are you using to increase the value? It seems to not be a standard jump between signal levels? The second graph to me seems to make more sense.

Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2021 at 11:39 AM
From: "Paul Blundell" <tanger32au@...>
Subject: [UltralightDX] ULDXIndex - A Suggestion

Following some discussions on here and my own experiences, I have added an extra value to account for signal level. This rates the signal from poor, weak, average, good and excellent and assigned a value to this. It is weighted so that as the signal level improves, the ULDXIndex also increases. Below are some examples to show how it works.

The last five entries shows how the index value increases as the signal level improves. 

This is another example but in this case the jump between the signal levels is greater. Does this better reflect the challenges of "pulling in" signals at greater signal levels?

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