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Do you have personal experiance with these? I find some reviews to be a bit all over the place and not as helpful as I would like. I much prefer to hear from personal experiance.

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Here in Australia we have the AR-1733 and AR-1780 that both cover this band.
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An air radio is on my list.
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Really? I couldn’t find one single Portuguese airport :/
On Thu, 29 Jul 2021 at 16:14 Steve Whitt <mwneditor@...> wrote: works fine here in the UK





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Sadly, US restricted :(


// pedro andrade



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This is what I use for airport frequencies:

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Radio Reference -- -- is an excellent source of frequency information of all sorts, including aviation.


I have used it for United States information, and there are pull-downs on the right for other countries, although I don't know how complete or accurate the information is for other countries.




// pedro andrade



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