Re: Introducing the ULR DXing Chart-Index

Gary DeBock

The really astronomical indexes come from low-powered Longwave aeronautical beacons (NDB's) received at ranges over 10,000 km across the equator. 362-WK in Whakatane, New Zealand (25 watts at 11,017 km from Manzanita, Oregon) results in a wacky index of 440.68, while 366-SF in Springfield, New Zealand (50 watts at 10,977 km from Manzanita, Oregon) results in a more modest 219.54.

The best medium wave DX index at the same Rockwork Cliff would be for reception of 558-7BU in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia during the August 2017 DXpedition. That 2,000 watt station was received at 13,128 km from Manzanita, for a very modest index of 6.56.

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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