Re: Retekess V-115 FM/AM/SW Radio Review – July 2021

Paul Blundell

Thanks Tammy.

It looks like the issue is the earphones I was using and not the radio itself. I have tried it with a different set of earphones and the internal speaker stopped working when I plugged them in. I have tested some more and found with the ones I use the most, if I pull them out a small way (see attached photo) it works. Not sure what I will do as I prefer to use these ones.

On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 7:17 AM <tdwalker13@...> wrote:
Hi, Paul.  I didn't see an answer to your question about the earphones and speaker, so here's my experience with it.  That doesn't happen on the two that I have.  One I grabbed on sale to use primarily for recording from other radios, so less experience with that one via earphones but no problems so far.  I've used the other one for a long while now pretty much exclusively with earphones, since it's the one I use when I unintentionally wake up at 4am and don't want to wake up my husband....  I also ended up getting a Koss VC20 volume control since the radio was too loud via earphones set to the lowest volume. 

A good radio for the purposes I have them for (recording and local strong AM/FM), but definitely a mess when I attached an external antenna. 

Hope this helps.



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