WFNI 1070 Indianapolis (ex WIBC) going off 8/2

Dave Hascall

If you are on the other MW lists and Facebook groups you probably already know but WFNI 1070, a 50 Kw/ 10 Kw station (formerly known as WIBC) is apparently set to stop transmitting on 2 August at midnight Eastern, 0400 UTC.  Per Emmis broadcasting, they are trying to sell the license. They said it might stay on seamlessly but doubt it.  There will probably be a dark or silent period.  Since it is a more prime clear channel it might be saleable.  We'll see but plan for it going off.

For me in Central Indiana, it was impenetrable during the day but pre sunrise and post sunset, others came in with SC and Sarnia often there.  I've heard KNX once when WIBC was off due to a traffic accident that knocked power off to the station.

Dave in Indy

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