Re: March 2021 South American Ultralight DXpedition by Martin Butera

Gary DeBock

On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 12:17 AM, Peter 1956 wrote:
Hello Gary,

If I can get Rio from Botswana on a barefoot ultralight, then it should be possible for Martin to get Botswana. It is a pity Namibia doesn't have MW stations, but there are some near Cape Town, South Africa. Maybe he didn't try 9kHz splits?


Martin was on a vacation with his wife to the Rio beach, so he may not have been very aggressive going after the 9 kHz TA splits around local sunrise.

My wife was with me on the Hawaii trip in 2019, so I can understand his choice of priorities. Despite this, I "burned the candle at both ends" (sunrise and sunset) chasing Africans and Middle East DX in Poipu, since I knew that she (a General Class amateur radio licensee) would understand :-)


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