Re: Retekess V-115 FM/AM/SW Radio Review – July 2021

Paul Blundell

Spot on Art and pretty much what I have also found.

One question, when you use earphones, does your internal speaker disconnect? I have noticed with mine that even with earphones connected, the sound still comes out of the speaker.


On Tue, Jul 27, 2021 at 7:28 AM K7DWI Art <k7dwicn82@...> wrote:

Add a couple of points.
1. Excellent MP3 player via the internal speaker.
2. Very good battery life and holding of charge over time.
3. I like the backlight.
4. Nice quality sound out of its internal speaker, whether the radio or from a "Line In" (Used on several occasions with other radios).
5. Nice to have recorder.
1. DX'es like a bag of rocks. Not good for finding weak signals.
2. Easily overloads on strong nearby stations.
3. The stand is useless. Always breaks loose.
4. Not good with external antennas. My Select-A-Tenna does not play well with it. Strengthens signal, but you can't null it out.

Tuning takes getting use to, but is fine when you figure it out.

I bought mine for $18 via Walmart. It's a good $18 radio and is a nice utility backup to my more DXing portables.
Serious DX with something else.
Art K7DWI Southern Oregon


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