Re: Retekess V-115 FM/AM/SW Radio Review – July 2021

Mark Roberts

This radio originally came out as the Tivdio V-115 and has gone by numerous other names. This page has extensive information about this model:

I have a Tivdio V-115 - the AM and FM performance is so-so, with odd digital noises popping up here and there. On the other hand, the recording function does a very good job, better than comparable products from Tecsun, though not as good as a separate, dedicated recorder such as one of the Tascam models. The speaker sound is surprisingly good for a radio of its size. The user interface is quirky and you can't press the buttons too fast, otherwise the radio will just ignore you.

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First Impressions:
I recently ordered the Retekess V-115 FMAMSW Radio off eBay, for under $30 it seemed like good value and the built-in recorder to an SD card seemed like a feature I could make use of.
Physical – The radio is fairly small / light and seems to be built as well as you would expect for a radio at this price point.
Usage – from my testing so far, it seems to work as I would expect and pulls in signals “barefoot” as well as my Teac PR130. I feel so far that my Digitech AR-1733 still has the edge in RF performance.
Issues – So far, I have found a few issues. The tuning modes are that you either manually enter a frequency via the keypad or you use the auto tune modes, you can’t scroll from frequency to frequency, say from 531kHz to 540kHz, you need to either enter each frequency or use the auto tune modes, these only work on the strongest signals so for serious DXing, this is a huge disadvantage. The display backlight is VERY bright which means it is not easy to use in bed, it lights up the whole room, this reduces the “wife approval factor” as it looks like aliens are in the room. I have also noticed that the buttons are hard to press and have a noise with them, this also makes bedtime use less than ideal. The recorder works well but names the files RAD001, RAD002, this means I need to keep a record of what frequency each recording relates to.

Overall, I am on the fence with this so far, while it has some good features, the tuning mode is going to be harder to use and the file name for the recordings is a pain.

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