Re: Malachite DSP Software Defined Radio

Dean wayman

Thanks for the reply :

Yup I finally got that figured out after several hours of Regret ? and the radio got here 3 days after the tassle thingy .

So far it seems good on SW at least around the 5000"s as for LW &Mw it's pretty dead but I think I just need to find the antenna setup that works well with it .
The swivel on the antenna was very tight and even though I was very careful i busted the thing off today so Iv'e been trying a few things today ,I have an idea to hook up and old loop stick I have ,but don't have any idea how to attach it to the SMA connection yet ,I'll have to try a few things .

I'm  kinda disappointed by the hash the screen put's into it but i guess being small/cheap that's to be expected.Maybe someday there will be a 4" screen version with full features ? 

We can only hope ,I might try to get one of the real Russian ones soon .

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