Portable Ultralight Radio DXing Case - July 2021

Paul Blundell

Recently I have been on the lookout for a suitable carry case for my ultralight radios. I have found that carrying my 3" FSL plus all my radios was overkill, mainly when I find I am mostly DXing "barefoot". 

My local Bunnings has a range of cases and I found that this one was the best size for my needs, it cost $16. The foam that comes with it is pretty poor so I replaced this with a much better piece of foam, this cost $33. The total is under $50. I also added the velcro strap to help keep the case closed securely.

I have setup the foam today with cutouts for my three main ultralight radios plus spare batteries and charger, ear phones and notebook / log sheets.

I am very happy with how this has turned out and think it will serve me well.



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