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kevin asato

For North America, US Territories, and the Carribean, i use which includes frequencies and airport information relative to pilots. Still a good reference that i use before travelling as i monitor frequencies while waiting for flights. As long as i am relatively discrete, no one has asked about my activities. Not sure what reference to use for the rest of the world.

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What is the best place to find the frequencies for my local aerodrome? 
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I have a Skywave SSB and the air band scanning scans the 10 air band presets on page 1. It goes through them quite fast so you won't miss much and 10 freqs is usually enough for even a busy location. (I'm talking about the scanning function, not ATS). I find the Skywave SSB to be a good air band receiver, only downside is the relatively poor audio (due to the speaker choice, applies to all bands and is weakest part of the design in my view).

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