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Paul Blundell

I am glad your new one is better but it still does not sound that good.


On Thu, 22 Jul 2021, 17:36 Jorge Garzón via, <> wrote:
I received a second ETON ELITE Traveler unit one week ago and it does seem a different receiver. This still have some birdies on 603, 1485 and just a few more, but not the continous buzzing showed by the first unit. 

As Peter said, when the signal level meter is selected, some frequencies show an identifiable jumping noise (weak most of the times) when the digits change rapidly, but fortunately this is not noticeable in every selected frequency and dissapears when any of the other display options is selected. Sound and sensibility are superb. 

Regarding the FM band, the PI decoding is almost useless as it is linked to DATA RDS info and not with PS. In case of a station have not implemented correctly the DATA details, the radio shows NO DATA, then PI is not showed even when PS, RT and PTY do. So it is PI decoder able, but not as a DXing tool. 

Jay Allen claimed the sensitivity of this model was about 20% less than the Traveler II. I have made a quick test changing the 40cm whip for a longer one (71 cm) and this unburied some stations not audible before, giving a better performance than the XHDATA D-808, which is a well known good FM performer. 

These was just some impressions and it would need a closer view and longer tests, but that shows something very sad these days... The Chinese manufacturing lacks any kind of quality control. With this, performance of the receiver ordered is a kind of lotto. It's a pity and I ask myself if maybe somewhere in an unknown ETON factory, would exist a better Traveler III unit with no birdies at all. An unit that probably I won't ever meet! 


El sáb., jul. 3, 2021 a 15:27, Peter 1956
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Hello Jorge,
No, I've never modified any of my ultralights..


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