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Paul Blundell

This sounds really exciting, I wish you the best of luck with this. I will be interested to see how some of my loggings relate to this index score.


On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 4:15 PM Jorge Garzón via <> wrote:
Contests and awards are some of the valid tools that radioclubs offer to promote the hobby and the joy of listening and/or transmitting. They are sill alive in the ham world, but have been vanishing little by little at our side of the hobby. 

I am sure that we can awake some kind of activity to recover a kid of 'chart', not just with a competitive way to understand radiolistening, but also to share knowledge and promote DXing with our 'little ones'. 

From the 'IberiaDX' group, we would like to propose an ULR DXing Log Chart to show the possibities in using ULR and small portables. So, that's why we launch what we call 'THE DXing ULR Index'. 

This is a score log to be revisited monthly. The goal is to promote the listening skills and personal DXing challenges including the use of new antennas, or explore outdoors and find new listening spots to be used. 

The DXing ULR Index will have two categories:
1. ULR* and small portables** with built-in ferrite (MW-LW) or whip attached (FM-DAB). 
2. ULR and small portables with external inductive antennas (MW-LW) or FM aerials connected to plug-in socket

(*) ULR are non SDR receivers up to 328 cm3 (20in3).
(**) Small portables are non SDR receivers up to 500 cm3 (30.5 in3). 
There is a table of receivers sizes on the blog by clicking on the 'ULR DXing /DX de bolsillo' menu. 

The way to calculate the right index is easy:

DXing ULR Index=distance (in km) / txer power (in watts). 
Example 1: 2,000 km / 80,000 W = 0.025 Index= 0.025.
Example 2: 2,000 km / 1,500 W = 1.33.
Overall index: 0.025+1.33 = 1.355.

The example nr 2 would be a best DX index. The different indexes will be added to get an overall score. The higher score will give us the best DXing and most effective DXer. Records would be published monthly in our groups and blogs. Of course this has no connection with the Awards Program and has to be seen as a new proposal to be added. 

I would need some volunteers to build the first chart to be issued this coming august. 

We could also propose national coordinators (if any) in order to check some records or to help with any doubt about the rules. 


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