Re: Air Band Receivers

Michael Schuster

On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 05:46 PM, Paul Blundell wrote:
Thanks for that. I will looking at ordering soon.

On Thu, 17 Jun 2021, 06:43 Michael Schuster, <> wrote:
The Shenzhen Hanrongda HRD-747 is now spotted in the wholesale supply channel at US$53, minimum order 2 pieces.
First comments I've seen on a production unit show lots of issues.

See the comments on this 20m/40m daytime bandscan at

I have had the device for 5 days now. Here is the lowdown. There are a number of software bugs causing serious issues. 1: Air band has no gain. No coverage whatsoever. It is caused I think by a setting that cannot be turned off. The setting is 2MIX. You can turn on that 2MIX setting on short wave which also disables short wave but on short wave you can reset it back to “off” by taking out the battery. No such luck with Air band. It stays on permanently with the air band. I am not sure what the setting does as it’s function or use is not mentioned in the manual. If somebody has any ideas on how to fix this or what that setting does, let me know. 2: There is no bandwidth selection on SSB. 3: There is interference that sounds like a whine on SSB when you have a florescent energy saving bulb on in the same room. Points to bad internal shielding. I thought the radio was faulty until I switched off the light and it stopped. 4: On Upper side band, voice transmission is high pitched and fine tuning does not normalise it. Lower side band is fine. Looks like I got the buggy pre-release version. Damn. If they get these issues sorted and put a bit of aluminium shielding around the main signal chips, it could be a great little radio. In fact it's still a great little radio if you don't need Air band. --It can tune in Shortwave stations with the clarity of the Tecsun PL-330. --Narrow VHF is good. -- FM Stereo is great. As good as anything out there. --Nobody broadcasts on CB here So I can't comment on CB. --Same with the weather band. --Nobody uses UHF here either. --AM is pretty good. Comparable to the Tecsun. --The speaker is a little tinny but I knew that before I bought it. -- The battery will probably last months before recharging.


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