Re: Direct Connection between FSL and PL 360?

Steve Ratzlaff

Well, I'm afraid without some real unsoldering work which would leave the FSL unusable, your idea won't work. The Pl360/365/SSB etc. all use the SiLabs DSP chip which tunes the antenna inductance (which plugs into the radio in this radio's unique case). The antenna inductance has to be in the correct range to tune the AMBC band. The FSL's tuning cap has to be disconnected.

Plus the Pl360 et al have a small approx. 1" ferrite rod loopstick inside the radio which is always in the circuit and which can interact with the plug in antenna.


On 7/6/2021 6:43 PM, Paul Blundell wrote:
I was hoping to keep the FSL "as is" and find a way to use it without it having to be physically close to the radio.


On Wed, Jul 7, 2021 at 11:33 AM Steve Ratzlaff <ratzlaffsteve@...> wrote:

Are you asking if you can mechanically connect a FSL's inductor (removing connections to its variable capacitor first) to a 3.5mm plug to replace the stock ferrite rod antenna?


On 7/6/2021 6:21 PM, Paul Blundell wrote:
Can you directly connect a FSL to a radio like a PL360 which has a 3.5mm aerial connector? If so, how would you do it.



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