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Jorge Garzón

Sure I will do it, but I would like to know whom to write to. I will wait to test the second unit before to send any e-mail.  

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En miércoles, 30 de junio de 2021 11:16:16 CEST, DX Pedro <> escribió:

Indeed. It's probably the first such in-depth unfavorable review I've
seen from this device. Sad you had to get a faulty one, Jorge. I'm
told ETON actually listens to consumers and are really approachable.
maybe also write them an email with your feedback might prevent
similar situations?

// pedro andrade

On Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 9:56 AM Paul Blundell <> wrote:

It does sound like it might be faulty.

On Wed, 30 Jun 2021, 18:19 Jorge Garzón via, <> wrote:

Some weeks ago I ordered an Eton Elite Traveler receiver to US Amazon and was dispatched from the UK to Spain. I ordered because of the RDS-PI decoding capability and also for AM DXing purpose, being an ULR size one.

I must say that I was absolutely dissapointed with the unit, even if the size, solid aspect and extremely well designed screen, backlight and access to the menus was more than I had expected.

PI decoding is extremely useful in FM DXing and would show even before than PS info, helping to ID a station. The inconvenience with this little one is that PI decoding is associated to DATA displaying, together with other info. If the station itself has not properly activated the DATA submenu, PI does not show or is barely seen. Traveler radio will decode first PS, then RT and then DATA. PI should be the first subcarrier to be shown on screen independently from other data. Unfortunately just stronger signals open the decoder and NO DATA message is seen often. The short whip does not help at all, and I suppose that the one built in could be replaced by a longer one.

But the total surprise was AM band. That's true that the radio is quite sensitive being eligible to be a decent DX chaser getting distant and weak signals, but it is HORRIBLY affected by inner noise which ruin the whole band. Just when a medium to strong signal is detected the noise drops abruptly and the station can be heard.

I am afraid that these radios are manufactured in China, where quality controls are inexistent or randomly applicable.

It is strange that serious reviews don't point to these details, quite important if not essential for DXing activity. Some of these reviews show the loss of sensitivity on FM perhaps for the existing short whip but not the rest of details written here. Maybe did I get a defective unit?

Last week I packed back the radio to Amazon and a second unit is on the way. We will see...

¡Buen DX!

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