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Hello Jorge,

I ordered the radio direct from the designer (  Alex is very responsive to emails and provides excellent customer service.   Shipment was delayed a short time due to component shortages , but I was kept informed and up to date on the status.  Shipping took only about 10 days , and I know that the US postal "service" was responsible for a part of that.  Ordering direct from Alex saved me a considerable amount of money.

I am still learning the radio, but I'm still very pleased.  Size wise, it's smaller than a deck of cards, but larger than a matchbox.   The screen contains all the information needed, without vacuuming up batteries with a lot of excess bling that is just "eye candy" rather than anything particularly necessary . 

Here's a link to a bunch of reviews. If you're looking for an ultra-small radio for all-mode shortwave listening, this is a great choice

John K5MO

On Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 2:47 AM Jorge Garzón via <> wrote:
John, where did you order the radio? I have been informed of some doubtful web sites. 
Nigel, any chance to get that Radio User review as a .pdf file? 

El lun., jun. 28, 2021 a 17:09, nigel head via
<> escribió:
There was a review of this receiver in Radio User magazine last month

Dawn Head

On 28 Jun 2021, at 13:06, Dave613 <david.elden.613@...> wrote:

I made a PDF version of the instruction manual, prints on 3x5 inch paper. It's based on (cut and pasted from) info from the manufacturer
The UI is really very good IMO given the small number of controls for all the functions.

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