Re: Audio Recording/Audio Recorder recommendations?

Mark Roberts

I have the DR-05X as well as one of its predecessors, the DR-07. They are very similar in recording capabilities. One thing that threw me when starting to use the DR-05X was that there was no attenuation available for the mic input, unlike the DR-07, which can be set for either mic-level or line-level input. For best results, I got an attenuating patch cord, available from Amazon for $30-$35.

Even with that twist, the DR-05X has substantially better battery life than the DR-07 (which ate batteries like crazy), and uses higher-capacity memory cards (microSD) compared to the DR-07 (full-size SD). On the other hand, I found the DR-07's controls a bit more intuitive.

When I bought my DR-05X last year, I also got an AC adapter. I discovered that the DR-07 can also use that adapter. So I have two good recorders now.

That said, I tried using the DR-07 to record AM reception in the aftermath of the 2018 solar eclipse in the United States. I was in Columbia, Missouri (my hometown) in the path of totality. Unfortunately, the DR-07 and my C. Crane Skywave had some kind of interaction that blocked all reception, even though both units were running off batteries. I had to give up on recording in order to hear the short-term skywave-like effects that occur after an eclipse.

Otherwise, they're great units, with very low noise levels.

I also have some radios with built-in recording capabilities: a couple of (non-DSP) Tecsuns, the Tivdio V-115, and a Rolton unit that's really intended to be a bluetooth speaker. All of them generate various kinds of spiky noises, though those will usually be covered up by program material. They also tend to have sharp low-pass filters that limit frequency response. This is unlikely to be a problem for recording from AM radios, but it's undesirable for FM. 

On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 4:56 PM Paul Blundell <tanger32au@...> wrote:
Sounds like a real winner. I have used a couple of digital recorders in the past but nothing of late, I might need to look into getting another one.


On Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 1:49 AM richard ferranti <remler@...> wrote:
I’ve been using my DR-05 for years .... for line recording and using its excellent built-in dual microphones.  Works flawlessly.  I power mine with rechargeable AA batteries since it’s used for hours every week.  Highly recommended!

— Rick W6NIR 


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