Re: New Design 3 inch (76mm) Baby FSL Antenna-- a Tiny Thriller

Gary DeBock

On Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 10:42 PM, Kelly Jack wrote:
What length litz wire is required, I see Gary mentioned 35ft but the only place I can see the wire available is being sold in 10m (32 ft 9 inches) lots (eBay from China, is this wire recommended?) or in 60ft lots from a US ebay seller - which leaves a lot of wire left over and adds significantly to the cost.
Hi Kelly Jack,

The only 1162-46 Litz wire that I can personally recommend is sold by "Mkmak222" on eBay at the following listing  Litz wire 1162/46 for Amateur & Crystal Radio coil,Single layer insulation,60' | eBay

The listing is for 60 feet, but you can always ask him if he is willing to sell a 35 foot length for less cost. He has a 100% feedback record, and usually tries hard to please his customers.

A baby FSL can always be made with less expensive 660/46 Litz wire, but it will not be as sensitive as the 1162/46 wire on the lower MW frequencies. The "Baby FSL" in the design photo is a "no compromise" model, chosen for top performance in the smallest possible size regardless of component cost.

73, Gary

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