Equinoxial Propagation in the Southern Hemisphere

Gary DeBock

For Gary, Vince and John in South Africa (and Horacio and Huelbe in South America),
This question was raised by one of our dedicated TP and TA DXers on the IRCA mailing list, and I'm sure that some of you could answer his question quite well. Do you notice that long-range DX conditions are much better in the months of August, September and October (like here in the Northern Hemisphere), or during the months of March and April? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
73, Gary DeBock
Having been an ardent TP and TA DXer for several seasons, I've noticed that in my part of the world, the Fall equinox far exceeds Spring equinox for TP and TA DX.  My question is thus:  Do our DU colleagues experience the same Fall/Spring differences (ie their Fall/Spring), or do they mimic our September superiority over March?  Has there been any research in this area, and explanation for the differences?  .....Walt Salmaniw, Victoria, BC.

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