Re: Planning a Portable Ultralight radio DXing Session – 2021

DX Pedro

Well the post is very good and light. But maybe you can take these
suggestions if you think they're ok:
1- some bold words to divide the post into parts, i.e.: Choosing
location; Radio Gear; Extra gear, etc.
2- maybe you can link the database to part of the text to MWDxerDB
post? assuming you're using it to log

OFFtopic: would you consider updating/tweaking your MWDxerDB to have
SW/FM stations?

All for now, and thanks for your post.

// pedro andrade

On Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 1:00 AM Paul Blundell <> wrote:

I have just given this a tidy up and update:

Any feedback on it would be great.


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