Re: SRF-M37V and SRF-M37W-Performance differences?

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Hi Kevin !

I also have a SRV-M37V and i have an intention to change the filter.

I have a technical background to make this change.

Do you have the source of this changing information ?

Curitiba city

Re: SRF-M37V and SRF-M37W-Performance differences?
Posted by: "satya@..." satya@... dhsatyadhana
Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:58 am (PST)
Hi Rob:

While the M37V is not the worst selectivity-wise (the true "F" in this
category is a Radio shack portable currently available, which is so bad it
only tunes in about 8 different stations, one every 100 khz or so!), in
stock form the M37V is tough to use in an urban environment. However, if
you live outside of a strong RF environment, then it works very well, and
Alan Willie in Newfoundland has set a lot of records with his stock unit.
I have an M37V with the filter replaced which transforms it into a new
radio, but if you are not up for that kind of technical task, then the
M37V/W may not be for you.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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