Re: LONG TERM DX Projects

Paul Blundell

I have ran a few DX challenges and projects in the past.

This one is where I log the same 10 stations at different times and days and keep a record of the signal strength. It is only for my own enjoyment. 

At times I run seperate ones which are more for focused, I am about to start one to log all commercial stations within 400 miles of my location.

I am happy to assist anybody who wants to run their own, including help with research and development of it.

On Mon, 21 Jun 2021, 15:48 Frank Standford, <dxer2k1@...> wrote:

I have seen more than a few posts about this while looking over some of the group messages. What is it all about? Can I join in? 

In the past I chased QSL cards, is it like that? 

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