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John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Yes, Interesting observations, Mark.... that's exactly why I suggested "non-coastal" loggings... which would more nearly give the whole continent an even shot at the record....  and, yes, we've had HLAZ in South Korea more than 2 hours after dawn... but rarely and coastal, of course (from Grayland :>)

John B.

At 04:54 PM 6/10/2008 +0000, you wrote:

On Cape Cod, Turks & Caicos 530 at 1400 miles is easy enough to hear
on pure groundwave. Maybe not with a "stock" ultralight, but
certainly on one with a super-sized ferrite rod, or if passively
coupled to a decent size high-Q box loop. You would also be able to
get the Jacksonville, FL station on 690 from south-facing Cape Cod
beaches such as West Dennis. That's at about 1100 miles.

Transatlantic DX more than 2 hours before sunset has indeed occurred
at Massachusetts coastal sites in autumn and winter. Saudi Arabia on
1521 is the gorilla of the bunch, with a log of it from East Harwich,
MA at 1 p.m. EST / 1800 UTC once. A few years back in November in
Newfoundland, the DXpedition crew at Cappahayden had all-day Norway-
1314 at levels consistent with ultralight-capable reception. That
juggernaut is now silent, but I don't see why Saudi 1521, Croatia
1134, or some other megablaster could not allow a similar feat in
eastern Canada or even in New England states coastal areas.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA

--- In ultralightdx@..., "John H. Bryant"
> OK, fellas!
> Lets found a Most Distant Reception: Daytime
> record that we may expand into transmitter power
> categories later. Daytime is officially defined
> as that perior from Local Sunrise + 2 hours to
> Local Sunset - 2 hours. What I'll need for a
> submittal is just like the other records....
> Date, Time, Frequency, Station, Location,
> Distance and you might as well record tx
> power. If it is very close to the edges of that
> definition of Daytime, please do take care....
> but as usual, the honor system rules.
> Why don't you submit them here on the group so
> we'll see the level of activity. I'll collect
> data for a week or two an then do a record update.
> John B.
> At 05:23 PM 6/7/2008 -0400, you wrote:
> >At 02:14 PM 6/7/2008, you wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Carl DeWhitt suggested:
> >>
> >>
> >>Today i logged KKLL -1100-Webb City,Mo from 0853-0900 Central time
> >>with southern gospel music and network station i.d.s on the
> >>signal.
> >>It is my most distant daytime log this far up the band on an
> >>To date,i have logged 9 states in the daytime on an ultralight
with my
> >>most distant catch being KLTT-Commerce City,Co -568 miles.
> >>States heard in the daytime-Ok,Tx,Ar,Mo,Ks,,Co,,Ia,SD&Ne.
> >>How about new categories for most distant catch during the
daytime and
> >>number of states heard during the day ?
> >
> >
> >Hi Carl.....that is a GREAT Idea!!! I think
> >Daytime Distance Records would add a New
> >Dimension to this already Crazy Subculture of
> >our Hobby!! As a matter of fact.....after the
> >Sprint Contest earlier this year, one of my
> >Suggestions was to open up a "Daytime Only"
> >Contest Category for DX'ers who wanted to enter
> >the contest by logging ONLY stations heard
> >during the daylight hours!! It is amazing just
> >how far we can sometimes hear stuff during
> >daylight hours....especially in the Winter!!!
> >
> >So.....Here is another vote John, to open up a
> >Datytime Only Record......even if we just keep
> >it simple and say...."Any station heard during
> >Daylight Time"....that's Plus or Minus 2 hours
> >of Sunrise and you mentioned John.
> >
> >I really think it would be interesting to see
> >what can be accomplished in this Sub Category.
> >If it catches on....then up the
> >Various Power Categories as well.....
> >
> >I know when I entered the Sprint Contest in the
> >Spring....MANY of the stations I logged for the
> >contest were heard during the Daytime!!
> >
> >I'm glad to see that Carl suggested
> >this......and I'm sure there are others who would like the idea!!!
> >
> >And.....If Allen Wylie logs Africa....or John
> >Bryant Logs Austrailia during Daylight
> >hours.......I SURRENDER!!!! HAHAHHAHA....
> >
> >73....ROB.
> >
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