Re: CCrane CCSkywave vs CCRadio2E (Warning! Informal Rookie Testing!)


I have found that the main reason for different results like this is that local conditions are often the limiting factor in reception and mask the differences in the radios. For example, if the noise floor is too high you can’t hear the difference between a radio with an excellent RF dynamic range and one with a higher noise floor. Also, AM/SW sensitivity is best measured in a low noise environment midday when signals are weakest. At night with many stronger signals, it is much harder to see differences in many radios. It is also good to understand that RFI is not always audible as such…sometimes you may or may not hear outright buzzing or whistling but the radio will be desensitized overall. In my own house some locations are much more revealing of differences in radios…in other parts of the house they all seem about the same…understanding this is key.

In order to more accurately assess how radios compare it is essential to be sure local conditions are not the limiting factor.



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