Re: Multi-Use Radio DXing Kit - June 2021

Peter Laws

Lol! Unrelated to your topic, the Subject: line made me do a triple
take! In the USA, Part 95 of the FCC's rules include several
"personal" radio services. 27-MHz CB is one, UHF GMRS is another, UHF
FRS (taken from GMRS and license-by-rule like CB), and a couple
others. In one of the FCC's periodic episodes of "we don't want to
enforce the rules, but we are happy to change them to prevent us
having to do that" they created a new service at VHF.

They took 5 frequencies in the 150-MHz range where vendors had been
selling utility radios for decades with only the briefest mention of
an FCC license -- think "blue dot" and "green dot" -- and created a
new sub-part ("J") under Part 95 and called it the Multi-Use Radio
Service. Like CB and FRS, it, too, is licensed by rule.

So when I saw your subject, I assumed you were DXing on VHF ... it's
Sporadic E season on the northern half of the planet at least, so
until I looked at your message this all made complete sense. :-D

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