Re: FM Translators - Why?

Peter Laws

On Fri, Jun 4, 2021 at 6:37 AM radiojayallen <radiojayallen@...> wrote:

One other aspect of this I haven't seen discussed (and forgive me if it was and I missed it) is what I would call The Tail Wagging The Dog". I have seen many cases where a struggling AM station was granted an FM translator, and since the two stations must carry the identical programming, the owners switch the format of the AM station to one they feel will be most successful on FM. I have seen many AM'ers which carried, say, Music Of Your life or oldies which changed to Adult Cpmtemporary or Rock which was a loss for the AM's listeners.

Time moves in only one direction as far as anyone can tell. I, for
one, welcome the return of music -- any music -- to the AM dial in
place of the usual garbage.

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