Re: Tecsun PP-330 has a great feature

Paul Blundell

That sounds like an interesting feature, any chance of this overloading the PL-330 and causing damage?

On Fri, Jun 4, 2021 at 10:31 AM <robconboy@...> wrote:

...not sure if this has been mentioned before...

The Tecsun PL-330 has an external antenna jack. It also has a feature where if you press and hold the “3” button it switches the mw loopstick antenna out and switches in the whip. Then if you plug an antenna into the aforementioned jack, it switches out the whip and switches in the jack.


If you plug in a simple stereo plug, and cut off the opposite plug, you can separate left and right wires as much as you need to make a pickup loop. Connect the right channel center conductor (red wire) to the LEFT channel shield. Cut back the left center conductor and right channel shield to prevent you from shorting it out.


Right now I have the pickup loop wrapped around my 19-rod FSL. Wow! Clean signal, super easy to tune, and it is not impacting selectivity of the antenna.


To switch back to the loopstick, press and hold “3” again.


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