Re: Sangean HDR-14 UL HD AM/FM Radio - What do you think?

Michael Schuster

On Tue, Jun 1, 2021 at 06:11 PM, Peter Laws wrote:
Where are you in relation to their (alleged) contour?
I am well within the limits of the contour, in the area of the GW Bridge.

Of course I am reporting to this group with topical preference to the smallest radios that are capable. The HDR-16 does much better as do both our car stereos which have HD tuners.

And yes, that's the problem with digital-only modes; the dreaded "cliff" effect.

As I mentioned the audio on WFAS-HD has an annoying sibilance which I do not hear on the other AM-HD station in the area, WINS (MA1 mode), whose audio actually sounds quite pleasing by comparison. This is me very first logging of an MA3 mode signal; maybe this is to be expected in this mode.

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