Re: FM Translators - Why?

Peter Laws

On Tue, Jun 1, 2021 at 5:43 PM Mark Roberts <markrobt@...> wrote:

Another loophole involves programming originally on an HD (digital) subchannel. Those, too, can be relayed by a translator, giving an HD signal an analog FM presence. This is desirable because HD-capable receivers are not common, except for vehicles.

The locals (OKC market) *only* advertise the analog FM translator's
frequency and *never* mention their better quality HD signal which is
on a full-power FM. OK, maybe not never, but certainly not every time
they ID. None of this is related to AM stations, of course ... yet.
Will AM stations that go to MA3 advertise that fact on their Analog FM
translator? It's weird.

Never advertise the fact that your programming is *also* on a superior
HD signal so ... what? You can declare HDRadio a failure? It's

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