Re: Sangean HDR-14 UL HD AM/FM Radio - What do you think?

Peter Laws

On Tue, Jun 1, 2021 at 4:01 PM Michael Schuster <> wrote:

WFAS-AM (1230 KHz) in White Plains, NY - a low-power daytime station with almost no audience, inexplicably converted to IBOC "("HD Radio") digital-only MA3 mode on May 22. Perhaps Cumulus is testing the waters in a low-risk situation.
Where are you in relation to their (alleged) contour?

Digital is better farther than analog but when it stops being good ..
it stops. Completely.

Analog keeps going farther but the signal is bad enough that only
people that subscribe to this list will listen to it for more than a
couple of minutes.

And that has nothing to do with HDRadio - any digital radio is like
that - P25, D-STAR, whatever.

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