Re: FM Translators - Why?

Paul Blundell

Here (Tasmania) they serve two main purposes:
- To provide coverage in areas the main transmitter does not reach. As an example, our main transmitter site for FM radio is Mt Barrow, this provides a great signal across a wide area but as our CBD is in a valley, due to this they have translators in the CBD for our two commercial FM stations.
- In some rural areas, they have a translator of the local AM station to also provide a signal for those that don't have an AM radio.


On Tue, Jun 1, 2021 at 4:57 AM Johnny via <> wrote:
Hi all,

Why do FM Translators exist?

The closest I can tell is that they exist to give an AM station a "Market Presence" in the FM band at a local level.

Is that pretty much it?  Or am I missing it?

Also, I have not come across an FM Booster yet, but apparently these exist (in the US at least).



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