Kchibo D96L portable radio.

Jerry H. Neves

Hello to all members. Have had the above radio for a few years. Always worked fine. Also have always had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to properly operate this radio as the manual is all in Chinese!!! Yesterday went to use radio and on AM band, i.e. Broadcast band, when I tune to a station such as KGO on 810 kHz, after a few minutes the display will step down in frequency to 768 kHz, BUT It’s still hearing the program on 810??? On a station on 1080 kHz, KSCO the same problem occurs, after a few minutes station steps down to 1024 kHz, again signal from KSCO remains on!!! Any ideas?? This only happens on Broadcastband!   I tried a reset to no avail. Real weird. Also how to get the instruction manual in English? Also how to open up this radio??Any help will be appreciated.Thanks.
Jerry Neves


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