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On Cape Cod, Turks & Caicos 530 at 1400 miles is easy enough to hear
on pure groundwave. Maybe not with a "stock" ultralight, but
certainly on one with a super-sized ferrite rod, or if passively
coupled to a decent size high-Q box loop. You would also be able to
get the Jacksonville, FL station on 690 from south-facing Cape Cod
beaches such as West Dennis. That's at about 1100 miles.

Transatlantic DX more than 2 hours before sunset has indeed occurred
at Massachusetts coastal sites in autumn and winter. Saudi Arabia on
1521 is the gorilla of the bunch, with a log of it from East Harwich,
MA at 1 p.m. EST / 1800 UTC once. A few years back in November in
Newfoundland, the DXpedition crew at Cappahayden had all-day Norway-
1314 at levels consistent with ultralight-capable reception. That
juggernaut is now silent, but I don't see why Saudi 1521, Croatia
1134, or some other megablaster could not allow a similar feat in
eastern Canada or even in New England states coastal areas.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA

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OK, fellas!

Lets found a Most Distant Reception: Daytime
record that we may expand into transmitter power
categories later. Daytime is officially defined
as that perior from Local Sunrise + 2 hours to
Local Sunset - 2 hours. What I'll need for a
submittal is just like the other records....
Date, Time, Frequency, Station, Location,
Distance and you might as well record tx
power. If it is very close to the edges of that
definition of Daytime, please do take care....
but as usual, the honor system rules.

Why don't you submit them here on the group so
we'll see the level of activity. I'll collect
data for a week or two an then do a record update.

John B.

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Carl DeWhitt suggested:

Today i logged KKLL -1100-Webb City,Mo from 0853-0900 Central time
with southern gospel music and network station i.d.s on the
It is my most distant daytime log this far up the band on an
To date,i have logged 9 states in the daytime on an ultralight
with my
most distant catch being KLTT-Commerce City,Co -568 miles.
States heard in the daytime-Ok,Tx,Ar,Mo,Ks,,Co,,Ia,SD&Ne.
How about new categories for most distant catch during the
daytime and
number of states heard during the day ?

Hi Carl.....that is a GREAT Idea!!! I think
Daytime Distance Records would add a New
Dimension to this already Crazy Subculture of
our Hobby!! As a matter of fact.....after the
Sprint Contest earlier this year, one of my
Suggestions was to open up a "Daytime Only"
Contest Category for DX'ers who wanted to enter
the contest by logging ONLY stations heard
during the daylight hours!! It is amazing just
how far we can sometimes hear stuff during
daylight hours....especially in the Winter!!!

So.....Here is another vote John, to open up a
Datytime Only Record......even if we just keep
it simple and say...."Any station heard during
Daylight Time"....that's Plus or Minus 2 hours
of Sunrise and you mentioned John.

I really think it would be interesting to see
what can be accomplished in this Sub Category.
If it catches on....then up the
Various Power Categories as well.....

I know when I entered the Sprint Contest in the
Spring....MANY of the stations I logged for the
contest were heard during the Daytime!!

I'm glad to see that Carl suggested
this......and I'm sure there are others who would like the idea!!!

And.....If Allen Wylie logs Africa....or John
Bryant Logs Austrailia during Daylight
hours.......I SURRENDER!!!! HAHAHHAHA....


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