Re: DXing FM Bluetooth Transmitters

Marc Coevoet

Op 26/05/2021 om 02:28 schreef Paul Blundell:
Of late I have been looking for some new targets, has anybody tried or thought of hunting down the small FM transmitters that are used to connect a Bluetooth phone to the car radio?
If so, what sort of range would you expect?
I have this item, it connects to your computer and can take over audio via usb, so it is digital audio as input. (xubuntu linux).

Without adding a wire as antenna, you will only reach 10 meters, but ... a simple 75cm wire will make reception possible in (my car) radio for about 500m. Of course, I choose a good empty frequency ...

It can make such a strong tx, that you need to think about neighbours!
Some stations close to the tx freq, will get bad reception ...


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