Re: Awards Program

Jorge Garzón <iberiaDX@...>

Hi Paul, 
Gary was trying to activate this some time ago and I offered myself as a volunteer for that. Perhaps he could refresh the steps we made! 

El mié., may. 26, 2021 a 8:27, Paul Blundell
<tanger32au@...> escribió:
I am thinking about trying to launch a new "awards" program. It seems that every other week SOTA, IOTA, SiOTA or another awards program pops up in the amateur radio space. I would love to see us do something to make us stand out and get a focus / our own identity in the broad "hobby radio" space.

I am happy to do the work and run the admin side of this, if we can decide on how we want it to work / look like. It would need to allow anybody to participate and account for the different areas of the world and the challenges of this.



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